It looked like it would rain after a while, where the Eastern Festoon stands on the lavender plant motionless.

I thought its do that because of the weather. Anyway, that was my chance to take pictures. But, coincidentally, this was the second predation incident I have seen in ten days, this time the predator is the Pink Crab Spider “Thomisus onustus”, 

The spider was busy sucking his prey, that he didn’t care about my presence, I did not want to interfere, but I was curious to take more pictures, perhaps the prey would escape, but I approached a stick that made him change the position of photography, so he went up on the stick with the prey, he was also leaving strings on the stick

ِAfter some pictures i made, this was enough for me to stop bothering, and late it back to his plant

Family: Papilionidae – Specie : Allancastria cerisyi

Place: Mashkita , Latakian mountains

Date: March 25, 2019

Photo by: Mudar Salimeh